Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

PPC is One of Our Strongest Services.

We are not just an SEO Agency, PPC is one of our strongest services. When your company is spending thousands of dollars every day, you need your campaign in capable hands, ours!

9Steps offers conversion-based Pay Per Click (PPC) Management services. Our Google Ads Certified Professionals expertly manage your firm’s campaigns to show an ROI early in the campaign.

We manage hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and track results using various methods. We work to make your cost-per-click lower and click-throughs higher, so you can increase your conversions for less money every day.

9Steps features agency-quality results for PPC as well as SEO.

PPC Management Services That Mean Business

Paid Search is typically an ad campaign for the Search Engines. It is one of the best ways to get quick industry-based traffic to your website and compete while your organic SEO campaign is starting.

9Steps will develop a custom PPC that is designed to increase your sales and conversions from the get-go.

We offer competitive pricing for PPC management services and we deliver fast results.


Yes, we are primarily focused on SEO & Online Reputation Management services. PPC Advertising can help any business in any campaign including ORM.

As a business, you need to consider any avenue that can drive in revenue. Since SEO takes time, we put many of our clients into fast-preforming PPC Ad campaigns that drive in traffic and conversions.

We consider every detail and focus on your conversions and factors that impact PPC results such as site speed and user experience. This is also part of SEO, so combined, our services will make your website a well-oiled machine!

We can manage small and large campaigns, we do customize these to your budget, but will also encourage you to understand the difference or impact certain budgets may have. Our goal is to get you to spend more because you’re seeing an increase in conversions or sales. Depending on this, we can discuss flexible options for your firm.


Our PPC Managers typically have over 20 years of experience and oversee your campaigns to assure they are driving in the right traffic. We minimize wasted clicks on irrelevant keywords and lack of experience found in larger PPC Management agencies.

Our PPC ad management services may include:

  • Dedicated account rep.
  • Customized and Flexible PPC spending strategy.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Daily keyword click reviews to assure the right keywords are getting clicks.
  • Negative Keyword list building – making sure no $ is wasted on irrelevant terms.
  • Competitor research to assure effective ad strategies.
  • Custom ad campaign copy, A/B Testing
  • Manual and Auto Bid Management to assure you’re getting the best PPC campaign.
  • We consult with you to assure conversions, calls and contacts make sense for your business.
  • And so much more…

For more information on how we can develop a customized advertising campaign, Call +92-9Steps today.

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